Sipiro M

Sipiro M

Product price (VAT excl): 

Given the ever-increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones, Zetes is bringing out a solution for this specific, mobile market: the Sipiro M, a card-reader that can be plugged in  Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as with both Windows operating systems(2) and MAC operating systems via a USB connection.

The Sipiro M solution for Apple devices has two main components: The card-reader itself, currently fitted with a 30-pin connector or the lightning connector with which the latest generation of Apple devices is equipped. The eID-BrowZer software, specifically developed for the Belgian market, enables authentication via eID, so that people can work with the various government applications such as Tax-on-web, Intervat, E-Loket, etc.

Drivers & apps: 

iOS Software

Belgian eID government web sites do not support applications running under iOS. In order to solve this issue, Zetes had developped its own eID specific iOS software, allowing to read out data, authenticate and sign documents using the eID.


The eID-BrowZer is managed in the same way other iOS browsers are used. Navigate to the different eID-sites by hitting the middle icon (square with a right facing arrow) on the bottom toolbar of the browser. Click on ‘Useful eID Links Page’ to access an overview of the most often used web sites. 

The Driver (only for Windows XP) 


Windows XP*




*Drivers for other Windows versions will be installed automatically by Windows Update